What is Kunskapsskolan?

Kunskapsskolan is a privately-owned Swedish organisation that owns and operates 35 ( 2019) schools in Sweden and is the sponsor behind the Learning Schools Trust and its Academies in United Kingdom. Kunskapsskolan is also the owner and developer of the Kunskapsskolan Educational (KED) Program, which is the comprehensive program for personalised education in all Kunskapsskolan's schools. Kunskapsskolan provides and licenses the KED Program to other schools in the world.

What is Kunskapsskolan Eduventures ?
What is Kunskapsskolan, the KED Program and a KED School. What is the difference?
Is Kunskapsskolan a for-profit organization?
What is the Kunskapsskolan approach to education?
How can Kunskapsskolan provide education in different countries? Aren't schools very local activities that should be part of a local community and cultural heritage of the community, curriculum and country?
How do I start a KED school?
What sort of schools does Kunskapsskolan operate or partner with?
Is Kunskapsskolan´s approach experimental?
Which students does Kunskapsskolan serve?
How does Kunskapsskolan meet different national, state and local standards?
How can I get in touch with Kunskapsskolan?
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